Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanted to shut my com and go to sleep when i saw my RJ!! always doing the same qn! reali can't think of any new idea to type!!
QN : For this problem, how have you contributed to team learning and how have your teammates contributed to your learning?

I i i..reali dun know how to type!! as u noe today is SCIENCE module! wat will SL be doing during science in sec sch?!?!? slping or trying her best to disturb either hsin,lx,xy or alex and edwin!! today!wat i did was to play viwawa with andrew fadli and py!!!i really dun know what i have contribute today!hahaha..i will try to squeeze sth out later then.

Enterprise extra lesson tml!!compulsory somemore!! i want take off!!! many many thing i want to do!!

1) Cut my hair
2) Out with Oldies
3) Out with my Gals
4) Out with my "spenting" money Girls
5) Out with daddy for my DURIAN!!!
6) Baking