Friday, June 20, 2008

FUN!! - is always the same! being with them is always fun and laughter no matter what bother u at that moment.that call FRIENDS!!!
meet up with brendan after school and walk to cwp with naz and susu.Took the same bus as naz! she told us to take bus 15 to paris ris as bus no 3 will be going around in a circle in tampines bfore it reach paris me and brendan was there waiting for the damm bus 15 which drove past us when we are crossing the traffic light!wait wait waited!was crapping while waiting!
Finally,brendan say : SL,do u think u can see the time on how long the bus will arrive at the sign there" so i went to see!! gosh!! u have to wait for ard like 35min later bfore the nxt bus will come where bus no 3 is everi 3 min i think! conclusion : naz!! u watch out ya!!! LOL..hahaha and and i swear that km and brendan is damm good friend!! bcus both of them have the ability to say "cold" thing..hahahaha..i almost can't stand him!!!

Reach there..the same old faces!! crap smile laughter and laughter!! okok!! our chalet!! i go crack my brain ya!! papa come fetch me home! save my cab fees!!! and everitime when i go for friend b'dae,the time when he arrive to fetch me is always when my friend is going to have their cake cutting!! LOL

Dajie did sth wrng,which make her don't dare to go hm!LOL.was waitingg for me to open the door for bt papa come and fetch me,so ask her quickly to go home bfore papa reach home.TML...will be another thunderstorm day in my house..haii..

Got to do some praying later..pls let that person disppear pls..i beg u!! argh!!