Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Science UT today! i did try my best do the calculation bt the rest of it, i was jus anyhow keying number in to fill the blank.and and i "conditional pass" my 1st science UT la..LOL..hahaha

was trying damm hard to understand today statement and qn! was struggling with naz.bt we are still abit to entertain ourself out of those thing!! was fun when lj start turning on his song from jay chou...then sercret came in..then naz ya - ing and sl promising of crying and sl&naz teaching each other typing and spelling..LOL

we keep on laughing and naz say she can't concentrate on her work if i beside her!! i can't stop making her laugh!!! LOL!!!

No more potato salad and macflury fo SL for 1 month!!!

And why are SL and Luvy still eating this when we should say NO to FOOD!!!

Heart goes down down down when da jie told me that GP wan her to remind me that i'm working at Hougang Point nxt week!! GOSH!!!! Pray hard Pray hard!!!


SL want to be daddy's girl forever!!!