Monday, June 2, 2008

Trip to F&N factory today..sth happen during the boarding of bus due to the stupidness of keith luvy and me board cab to the destination instead! Trip was quite bored as half of the time we can't hear wat the person we can still have fun ourselves there..LOL

On the way there..

i wan to take the uniform..LOL


After that when causeway point shop shop awhile while waiting for py and barry friend.then off i go to bugis to meet yong en,irene,lay chyi and HUI LIAN MAMA!!!!the fish is damm fresh and nice.not bad $18 per person.after that irene and yong en when off.when shopping at bugis with hui lian and kk.bought things.they two.nt me..hahaha..was calling lian mama loudly until she started to like pai i still jus good to go shopping with my ah lian mama!!!

Yong en





when to haves some donut before going home..