Saturday, June 7, 2008

hmm...back to work at amk hub!finally!love the people at there lots!all the familar faces! luvy came and have dinner with me.she brought her shirt for tml event at DANO.rush home after work bcus of papa nv bring key out!dotz!still can't understand how cum he nv take the key with him..then da jie is back! she brought me two receipe books!one is dim sum and the other is pastry!Two quite famous chef!one is Singapore CHEF CHAN CHEN HEI and the other is Australia CHEF DONNA HAY!scan through the dim sum book.hmm..not bad,bt the instruction that is given is not clear.those that are 1st time learner will not be able to follow his receipe!=(.hope the pastry one will be better. BIG THANKS TO DA JIE!