Wednesday, June 25, 2008

JM called during sch hour
SL : "u again ya! LOL..wat u wan?"
JM : "SL!!! rmb today meet wat time ya"
SL : "gosh" omg!! ya hor!! gt to meet u today!!! i totally forget!!! her after school!!

doing debating in sch today instead of ppt.UT!didn't manage to finish ans 1 whole qn (4mark!!!)

reach ps at 5 plus and that jm told me she end work at 6.05.So i waited and waited for her until ard 6.25!! i was all the way walking around basement 2 for many round and even meet dao my DA JIE with her friends!(was msging her while in the mrt asking her when is she going to pass me my pay!!) so she pass me my money!!finally!! then! i decided that i should call AJM wrking place as i seriously think that she can just throw her hp away!!!! and wat!! she was still at her counter!serving customer!! i was like "wth!!" i was damm hungry can! i nv had lunch today! so i had already intend to kill her after she had dinner with me!!

however,she was still alive up to now! LOL..jus can't scold her when i saw her!start ordering food and talks! after doing the things that she want,we went straight back home bcus i told her i have already try my best not to buy anything!so stop bringing me ard to shop!!!=)

Fun part came when we reach Hougang!! is always the same!! she start to pursue me to go her house!! it more funnier this time bcus she start begging me all the way to the interchange!!holding my hand all the way and saying (all in chinese) : beg beg u la sheue lee) and continue repeating it!! we are like couple then jm is the gal begging me which is the guy!! so i say loudly (in chinese too) we should jus seperate willingly and nicely,come on let break up!!!" she was damm ps and ask me to talk softer..whahahaha..

okok..after finally "sending" her off!! i went to take 51 and then i saw my MEIMEI!! wow..damm "qiao" today dao both my da jie and meimie!!!so we take bus home tgt and start to crap with her on the way back!! =)