Sunday, June 22, 2008

Working for the two weekend!! yesh!! my prayer did work ya!! LOL..good day at hougang point! will have good prayer again nxt week!hahahs..saw many kid at wrk!! many twin and triple!! they are all so damm cute la..seeing them make my day at work=)

dinner with li xin today!she accompany me until my wrk end!=) ok..feeling more better!! gosh!! did i say i wan to say no to food?!?! then why am i still paying for them!! like : 2 roti prata, 5 sushi and 1 bubble tea and 1 ice cream cone!! argh!! is all li xin fault!! LOL..blame her blame her!! nv stop me from eating,still wan ask me to buy tea egg with her!

steamboat!! i want have steambost session!! dear Cousin!! heard that!!steamboat gather at my hs!