Thursday, June 19, 2008

in sch nw!! was feeling slply! as usual..luvy was in the same gp as me today bcus faci nv come..talkative of her and she keep on talk talk talk beside my ear! smack her till she faint later if i can't stand her!whahaha..LOL.. finally know the feeling of my gals and teacher enduring me in class last time..LOL

guys age 17 to 19 is all playing maple in class everyday!! LOL..bcus of LJ everione is playing!
UT jus nw! i swear i going to get 0 for it!unless miracle really happen! (like : the faci become blind when marking or the com spoil)

culinary practical later..dun really feel like going..shld i quit?!?!? haii...
wake up wake up SL!!!

is still not right!!nth change better!