Friday, June 6, 2008

Went to li xin hs!was dilly dally to her house bcus i wan watch my DVD!! had lunch with her and her bro.her bro was so happy and keep on laughing when i call li xin "er jie" continuosly like how he call talk talk at her room.only talking to the same person which know what i trying to say and feel is the best!then start surfing net looking through many things.was teling her i wan slp and dun wan go out thinking of that jm!"i dun wan die so early" so i drag myself up to her hs.hahaha..

reach jm hs.she was still not ready "drawing" her face wait and wait for her!

finally we are out of the house and guess wat!alex is already reaching when we jus board the train!good for him he was the one end up quening up for us instead of cheryl on the way and then to take the cake.

SUSHI TEH! not bad.quite nice.everything was fun.bcus we have cheryl foo!!the one always get "scolded" and we have kim wee who always ask cheryl to make babies and alex and edwin who always "scold" cheryl! everyone was looking at us when we take the cake out (their kitchen is transparent one).

the warm sakae..oni edwin drink it in the end..LOL


thinking of the game kw give us..

After finish and walk walk around at vivo,we all end up at jm house for a short mahjong!was trying to rush finish the game at the end bcus me and cheryl wanted to take cab bfore the clock turn 12!! Was keep on laughing non stop today.thanks to the guys la..making me and jm laugh and laugh.cheryl taiwan trip thingy(dun know real anot)LOL.edwin mahjong thingy!

we have - cheryl making babies

- kim wee making the mahjong

- alex making the buddha