Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moody Moody!! since ytd nite?!?! was i living in a world where things goes quite prefectly that i was not suiting myself good in the life now?!?! funny!jus think is funny! will thing started to change.was good in the being bt not now..to me.i wan my group of ppl back with me!!!where i can do all sort of thing without many thinking and more secure with them!!! (am i the only one who thinking like this??)

argh!!nvm..will try my best to stop thinking so much and far!!!

Out with jie and mei to m.s and suntec for shopping.brought many things.shoes at C&K,and three DVD.going to stay at home the next whole week to finish these show.=) went to the world book fair at suntec.disappointed!not much receipe book there..