Monday, June 9, 2008

Finish one of the Korea show le "HELLO XIAO JIE" not very interesting!regret i nv buy "MY GIRL" instead!

Amk hub with jm.haha.was a stupid thing i did.sry ah jm!then after that went back to hougang mall to have dinner and tat jm was trying to "entertain" me while i trying very hard to stuff the food inside my food.i dun wan waste food! is so ex la!if i never finish it i wun forgive myself de.LOL

okok!! CLASS gathering is postpone k!cus our dear teachers can't make it on tat bt bt...we will have our OWN gathering instead ya! so this friday there still gathering,bt not class de,is the usual gp ppl..dun kill me mel mel tan!!! have gathering!!! make sure i see u there!if not...u r DEAD!! LOL.