Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Instructions: Remove one question from below and add in your personal question.Tag 8 people in your list, and list them out in the end of the post.Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged.Whoever does the test has a blessing from all.
Start here~

#1 Who do you think the person who tagged you is like?
ANS:good qns asked!! she is Crazy!Nosiy and LOVELY la!! LOL (she my wife lei)

#2 What do you want the most now?
ANS:This Moment nw!! i want my faci to disappear and we can jus go home!!

#3 Who is your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
ANS: too many to type out!! LOL..i gt hell lots la!!!(ex - joycelyn, nw - luvy)

#4 Do you hate your friends sometimes?
ANS:If really my friends,i dun hate bt angry with them!

#5 Are you afraid of death?
ANS:YES (death of ppl close to me)

#6 What is your goal for this year?
ANS:earn many many money!!!continue my baking class!!

#7 Do you believe in love at first sight?
ANS: not for now!

#8 Do you believe in eternal love?
ANS: MAybe

#9 Would you judge with prejudice for female?
ANS:yes - to femlae driver..LOL..(even though i'm female too)

#10 What do you enjoy the most?
ANS: FRIENDS FAMILY and BAKING (when i 'm with or doing these thing)

#11 Have you done anything for your admirer?
ANS: hahaha..nope..i dun think so..

#12 Do you like your CCA?
ANS:sec band? yes.IG culinary? hope so

#13 Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
ANS: OF CUS!!(only to those that i know they really treat me as "FRIEND")

#14 Who would you probably spend the rest of your life with?
ANS: my own family!!! friends..

#15 What do you think is the most important thing in your life ?
ANS: now!! is to graduate and earn money!!

#16 Do you find life meaningless?

#17 In a game of truth or dare, which would you pick?
ANS: truth

#18 What if you did an embarassing thing in front of a big crowd?
ANS: walk away quickly or act as i'm not the one who did that!!

#19 Have you ever truly loved?
ANS: as in??

#20 Would you like to kill that person who tagg you?
ANS: NO! (i will love her even more ya!! i will show her how i love her later!!!) evil laugh..LOL