Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wake up early today.went back to school with li xin to take my testi! I love my testi la !! LOL..keep on reading it non-stop! long nv take the bus and walk the road to my sch already.miss it damm much.especially wat we girl will do after sch or when we go hm..gossip as we walk the way down to the bus stop!argh!! miss the good memories again!! went into the general office.lucky the lady was there.

take my testi and then the clerk turn and come back with a box.i was thinking "wan me to draw lucky draw ar?! so good" then then the next sec.the clerk say "wan donate some money to the school as we are building the indoor sport hall" -_-!!! wait long long!!! liao i also cnt use!!! me and li xin was like keep our best not to make the atmosphere werid by keep on laughing and smiling!!!whahha..then i say "can dun wan,i dun have money" the clerk was abit ps,so she add on saying"(something nice la,bt i forget liao)" then we quickly say bye bye to the clerk then went off..LOL

walk down the path some gossiping like wat we usually did.LOL.then to hougang mall.reali reali miss that time!
LI XIN spent $40!! LOL.revenge revenge.hahha.SL is mean!bt not then her.bcus she let me spent $100+ in a day and i oni "help" her to spent $40.hahahaha...

BAKING cake! i going to bake cake now long i haven touch my dear oven and flour le!! whoohoo...baking baking baking!!!rmb to go my cake blog to see what i baking today k =)