Sunday, June 29, 2008

one mth pass!! mean pay is cuming again!! woohoo!!! JM and LX cum find me for dinner!! after tat went palsa malan and shop shop!! gosh!! i spent in total $20 in two day!! on FOODS!!! i i i..LOL..i really think i'm crazy!!!

I finally saw the guy In - charge in Hougang Point of mine!!! he is (I WANT!!!)!! whahaha!! is not old k!! LX and JM!! stop saying he is old!! he onli like 20 plus going 30 k!! lalala..somemore he is mixed blood one can!!
da jie say : he is not avaliable BUT not marry too!!!
SL : whahahahahahaha!!!!

(JM) our Miss jm!! put on her red contact lens today!! she scare sooooo many ppl la!! children esp!! the 1st and only thing the children saw her eyes is to tap or call their parent to look at JM!! LOL..and and adult is scare by her too!!! edvience below!!!


Li Xin