Monday, June 23, 2008

Intend to sleep early SL is here to blog nw=) nth fun in sch today! science jus suck la!! LOL.i nv contribute anything today! was playing online mahjong with andrew and keith! hahaha..was damm damm funny! was laughing and talking damm loudly at the same time!! those people who come and play with us was all "disturb" by that two guys!!!
bused home with susu! wanted to go home early,so nv wait for luvy and py!
chicken rice for dinner today!finally ya!mama finally think of some special new menu for dinner!!! more mixture of ham anymore=)

meimei help me to do my science quiz today!haha,she did two and i did one!n u know what!the qns that she did,is CORRECT,n wat i do,is WRONG!!!!LOL..i knew it! SL is bad at science la!!!

sec friends! PLS CO - OPERATE and tell me when u are having yr next holiday ya!!!