Monday, June 2, 2008

shld be a long post i'm blog bit by bit.Li xin!! sorry today!!i dun know my friend wil be waiting for me until end of my wrk!!dun angry with me ya!! reali thanks for saying u will come down and accompany me when i'm in trouble! big big thanks!!!
damm tat person!!is totally scary can!!not funny or whatever at all!! anyway wat u say doesn't sound true at all !! i don't want wrk at HOUGANG POINT!!! pls disappear when i go back there wrk!!
Luvy!my hero!!LOL..thanks for keeping me accompany from 5 to 9 to chase tat person away and then chat from 9 to 11!!! long talk..things won't always be prefect it jus a matter of how u see it and feel..haii..scary and emo day...

Finally!!it Holidays!!yeah!! bt i still gt to go sch tml..for the F&N factory trip=)
Seriously i need my book nw!! LIBRARY!! friends!!

it all up to whether i believe or u listen to wat i said=)