Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bad Day!!!

Bus to mel hs there and take cab to hougang point for work..damm boring at customer one..the nun thingy true tat i dun wan to have the nun bt can i have a better one..nt this type pls..LOL..

save me xin..LOL..and and not forgetting to thanks that N2 guy to come and tok to me..make me feel more safer..hahaha..even though we didn't really talk much bt is so more relax to be with a more familiar person =)

Both sis and papa will nv nv fail to make me feel more worst when i already very very moody,angry and sad!Thanks ya..for all those word that u two say!
was already very tired when i have to work during weekend and my sch end lesson 4.30 everyday!reach home is already 6pm.dinner,bath and doing all my sch thing is already 9 plus ya..and i need to slp bcus gt to get up early the next day! so stop asking me and angry with that i nv do housework k!!! i'm not the only child u have rite!!! and dun tell me that yr friend children are also doing the same thing! u can have them as yr child then. DAMM U ALL!!!!!

i have already change!so dun try my limit ya!