Wednesday, May 7, 2008 team mates today is..barry(again)LOL..cheng cheng,yee kuan,mellisa.
chatting with genial kor, jie and chyng just now..kor cuming back on 26!!! and and they bully me on msn..wanted to save what we have chat and put here de cus is damm funny!bt bt i jus close the window!damm it!

haha..okok..hmm..meeting my dear ah min tml!! baking on fri!ya SL!! dun be lazy!!cakes!! Black Forest Cake!!! Mother day and jie birthday cakes!!!

Have a good talk during dinner jus now.SL wants this!!everyday dinner tgt!! waited and waited for 7 years and i finally have this!! sad and happy at the same time...can parent just stop at the age of 50! i don't to lose them..reaching 50 mean senior citizen which mean ______ to me!!!=(


Ice Cream on rainy day - rainbow =)


Couples - LOL


SEE - TAT emo yong!! HAHAHA