Saturday, May 17, 2008

jus bath out! SL is tired!! tml still needa work=(
finish baking da jie b'dae cake for tml celebration at 12pm!!!see!!tat suppose to my slping time with my white horse prince!! LOL.cnnt post the b'dae cake 1st..,must wait until tml =)

after sch went hougang mall and meet my dear li xin!! (forget take photo with her).went to eat her long lost tom yam then accompany me to ntuc for my cake baking thingy! hahaha..she was shock abt my $$$..(oni a few ppl noe tat,too pai seh to say out)miss each other for our saving and xinyi from stopping her spenting so much money.gossip gossip!!miss it so much!
*li xin!!! when sad or angry with someone!!jus tink of me making fun of xinyi*

okok..let have some sight seeing..whahahaha

why izzt always her and her?!?!

because they like to go toilet tgt and they are in the same team.LOL.
(actually there is py de,bt i tink is fate tat she can't get into the cam)hahaha