Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I can't access to sch website!! bt bt bt..lucky i have done my rj,quiz and evaluation le..LOL

Tired and sick nw!!! visiting doctor soon...damm flu!!! (i can't slp at nite)=(

Jus know that UT will be continue until the fourth for every module!! and and,i can't skip sch on tat day bcus of tat stupid UT!!! been trying to save money!forbid myself to eat too much in tough sia..hahaha..just the thought of needed to wrk make me wan to faint and nv get up!is damm tiring!!but but who call i spent so much money!! is all li xin fault!!LOL..ya her fault..nv stop me from spenting!! my $100!!argh!!!bt still i want go shopping with her =)

susu!!! i wan do pedicure!!!faster faster find one day we go nice nice de=)

*susu & py* - i wan my E3 photo!!! LOL