Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Culinary ig meeting today,was abit sian..only for less than half an hour.will be starting practical next week.hope will be fun.and and is baking!!!=)
The month of MAY! many baby born on this month..mean..money spenting for SL!!OMG!!not sure of what to get for that da jie.seven drwaf is too ex!!

SL MAY babies friends - not all got present ya..hahaha
Da jie
See mun
Kai wei
TSL!!! - more important ya..LOL

school life until now was quite ok.new friends are great.sl is fortunate ya..until nw la..hahaha..

Melissa Tan & AJM!!! if you see this,pls go here - http://ashoppingdiva.blogspot.com/ and see got anything wan buy ma?! cus i might be buying sth..lol..