Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mac for breakfast at KFC for dinner.didn't manage to do finish the UT.time was short la!!!
team mates today is :Yee kuan,Ragu,Royce and Aimuni.Bt only three turn up today (including me).
Finally lunch with lisa!! tat ass!!! hahaha...i mean ya..ass (lisa lisa lisa) =) tok tok crap crap.miss me and miss her...lalalalas
shop shop awhile at cwp to let time pass then off to meet ah min.saw ling and km at hougang interchange.was abit abit in don't know what to talk.hahaha.
Dinner with ah min.she damm funny today,abit crazy Red man.she use the spreading knife as a mirror and keep calling my name and only stop when i use daniel method (jia h__n) always good to crap with the "olds" la...u noe...nxt will be my dear ah chew!!anqi!!=)..

wanted to meet li xin de!! but brought too many things at red man, damm heavy.sorry ya..i know u wun blame me de..LOL.cus i will kill u!!

Have bubble tea outside kfc and chat chat before home sweet home=)

sat dinner with my "usual four"!!yeah!!!

*thanks for the help jus now for my qn guys!* final ans is hardwork.By Mr He Jun!!!