Friday, May 30, 2008

Something happen jus nw..nt very good thing...

Step out of the lift and then like the sign of our classroom change.i was veri blurr..thought i gt out of the wrong level..walk the way where the sign change,i thought is a changing of is not!! everyone look blur when out of the lift! faster give call to keith for rescue.LOL.he bring me back to OUR class..hahaha..then is bcus some stupid ppl when to change the sign!DAMM THEM!then come the part.after keith when to change back to the normal sign,5 min later..we heard some noise outside our classroom..keith when out to check again.."the sign is change to the wrong way again"(the two guy was changing and keith wait for them to change then change it back to normal again)wat suay is that the two guy is opp our classroom.they start to stare at keith from their classroom to our.

Keith and Pk went out of classroom to "talk" to them.the reason they give for doing tat is: they say this:"you know what is prank"!! they think is damm funny to do this.hahaha(is actually fun will make ppl damm blur and pai seh if go to wrong class)
The conversation continue with:"wan fight izzt,cum la.." then all those fight fight.....
Our hero,faci,went out to stop them by jus saying a few word oni! "go back to your class"

SL: this type of thing happen,why brandon barry they all choose not to come
PY: ya la ya la..they shld cum.

SUSANA is cute..whahaha (ugly but adorable)