Saturday, May 10, 2008

wake up today,heard mama telling mei mei that she going to buy lunch back.when she came home at 10 plus,she say she going to cook,i was like,wat!!! i need to go off at 11.10!!!after some nagging to her,she went to cook and and some stupid thing happen,end up eating my lunch at 10.50!!rush out of hs at 11.15!lucky not late=)

okok,after all those free gift stuff,SL aso went to take free gift..LOL..ginvera tat person insisted on giving me de..

meet up the "oldies" for dinner..LOL..after the long 4 months!tat is not enough la!!LOL..will cut short the time de.=)and and our jasmine finally ya..LOL..i aso wan!!!(mus thank me for the nun thingy!! use de)hahaha.dinner at nyny..dessert at mac.then home sweet usual..chit chit chat chat in was too tired,nv tok much today!

PHOTOS!!!(the "OLD" the better)=)