Thursday, May 15, 2008

I dun know how to ans the reflection journal!!!i was just typing rubbish!! argh!!
UT more worst today..that what happen when we dun study 6P and listen in class. SL is the 1st to submit in.LOLs.cus i dun know how to do=(

after school meet jm to cp as she wan to go and get her stupid file..damm ass jm!! LOL..she mine jm la!!!is mine ok,so cheryl!! dun even think of snatching her!!! dinner at KFC,even though i win the sicssor paper stone!!! i'm jus kind la..let her have KFC!!!
after that went hougang mall NTUC.saw he jun!!yeahyeah!!MR he jun!! so long nv saw him le.after buying things then home sweet home.

i'm offically broke!!miss li xin,hsin and xinyi!! times where we use to save money for each other!!

*luvy!! i will let u off this time by not posting yr funny face photos* LOLs

since everyone wants is it!