Friday, May 30, 2008

Tat GP william have finally reply me!!! Friends!! i will be working at amk hub and hougang pt in alternative week,so pls msg me before you come find me on weekend=) and and those near hougang pt more excuses ya for not coming to visit me for makan!!! LOL

okok..on the way to meet ah min today,on bus,gt two uncle was abt to get into conflict..due to one very selfish old man who occupy three seat and not letting other to sit!!!

KFC again..always KFC with her one!! saw He Jun again..LOL..and tat ah min keep on asking me to go her not tat she kind ya!!!bcus she wan me accompany her to walk to her hs there=)..and dun ever believe her if she say she wan go toilet!!! the oni thing she will do is to look at her mirror and start to take out the comb and comb!!!
bluff by her many time le!!!bt i still let her kind of Finally..step into library.dun have the book i want!! NATIONAL LIBRARY!!!i wan go there!!MISS ZI XIN!!!faster faster!!!i started holiday le!!when u free ya??