Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today is a scary day,not only to susu bt all those who going to play later ya..LOL..tat susu..damm ke lian and funny today..can't help her much..hahaha..(i needa protect myself too)b'dae cake taken by royce and then celebrate after we have our lunch! she was like bluff by us the whole day! Egg,flour and water..LOL.. Cake smashing time again!! she was worst then me..she need to do this..see.. (the candle)

after went home more funny..Barry,Keith,Brandon and me..tgt we lie to her again..this time is damm damm funny!! Her jelly leg!!!say there still surprise for her..say that a guy is going to appear in fornt of her give her romantic surprise..whahahah!!she dun dare to go we still tell her is a joke only until 10 min we board the train...