Thursday, May 15, 2008

school was ok today,as usual,feeling quite sian already.culture module today,gt to take photo,bt our group nv do on that,remark given by faci say that our gp work like not very good bcus our slide is like individual work then after that combine not true..of cus..LOL..cus i nv even do my slide..LOL..ya,sth happen during lunch time,damm pai the lift..due to ms luvy!!!i'm nt les ya!!!hahaha

okok..the fun part start when me luvy and py went cwp for dinner..hahaha..we are all broke,wanted to find sth to eat yet on budget.however,due to so clever and "rich" of SL,we end up in ...ICHIBAN SUSHI

Then after a veri long time of deciding wat to eat,luvy and py share one set and i have 1 whole set..bcus..SL is richer than them,at the moment only(soon i going to join that $16 club le)LOL

Luvy and Py meal

SL meal

Our Meal

Our pray hard sushi..LOL

Then have chat in between our meal,girls start when luvy and py finish their meal and procced to the ORANGE!!!


always the "entertainer"MISS LUVY SIM"

she was pro then me,rite,my friends..hahaha.she can make use of herself and make us laugh like mad..she my darlings la..LOL..the most scare thing i don't want see from her is that she have tears when u got put eyeliner on that day..LOL..hahahaha(she doesn't allow me to post tat photo)
after went popular to see my game..damm ex!! sad!!find out tat luvy and py like to play those children game,like cooking and changing clothes for model..hahaha

tampines mall with luvy to meet my mama and mei mei...they went to watch The Forbidden Kingdom (poor mama..finally found someone to watch with her)doing our rj,quiz and evaluation at mac,then home sweet home.

(before boarding bus)

(on the bus)
Luvy:sl,u wan sit inside or outside
SL:Inside!! (since she ask me,ok,sit inside,cus i wan lean the window and slp)
After seated down
Luvy:SL,can i seat behind u or the other empty seat?
SL:cannot!! why lei??
Luvy:i scare i fall off
SL:whahahahaha(burst into laugh) u scare wat?!?! 1st time gt ppl tel me sit bus scare fall off..okok..u wan change place with me ma?i ok de!
Luvy:nvm nvm..

(then wat she do next is to make me burst into laugh again)

she did this for the whole journey only until she fall alsp and lean against me!!

*read the newspaper,saw those photo of the student and people at china Sichuan*parent keep on ask me to go donate some money!