Sunday, May 4, 2008

wrking later..can i don't go!! i wan slp!!

wrk ytd was alrite,know a panasonic least there someone to tok to.and i shld pay him half of my salary bcus he help me promote my batt instead of his..LOL..customer were all asking for free gift and and is more GUYS rather than auntie or gal asking for free gift!!and they buy more batt just to get more of the gift!!
promoter for the toys was there ytd his skill of demostrating the helicopter is bad bcus he hit many customer and one lady was more "suay" that the helicopter land on her head and hurt her eyes or forehead..

my heart was pumping damm fast jus nw when my jie was asking where her gio jacket as she wanted to bring to wrk!! LOL..bcus... the jacket is with me and i was stunned when i heard her open the wardrobe!lucky lucky lucky!! she nv saw it!! =)

she saw it!! =(

the free gift - batt cover!