Sunday, June 8, 2008

I can say NO to DRUG
I can say NO to SMOKING
I CAN"T say NO to FOOD!!!
why why why?!?!?!
stop seducing me can! i have already try my best to tell myself to say NO! bt why is my hand still going in to my pocket to take the money out and pass it to the person selling fried banana and swt potato!!!!

saw irene during work and she say we never ask her out for our gathering! GALS! feel like killing her right!LOL - the truth is IRENE always say no when i ask her out to gather with us!!! zi xin can be my witness!! hahaha...

finally!mon is cuming!i'm going to try my very best to stay at home for the whole weekdays unless i needed to get something or to the library! i can do it! for the sake of getting out of the $16 and below club! LOL.

hmm..GATHERING on friday!! HOW??? i going crazy soon!! teachers can't make it but most of the student can!!! what should i do?? postpone or jus have the gathering this time and then one more time with the teachers again next time??!?!?!?!