Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sleeping early today too?!?! LOL.. jus wanted to blog! bcus nobody is home to play with me!!! learn many malay in sch today!! my teacher :MR FADLI,NAZ and HAZ & LUVY..LOL..was damm fun!! at least i'm able to chat simple malay with HAZ in msn ya!!! so clever of SL!!! hahaha..was all full of praising myself in malay when chatting with haz..go home alone today!! y?? bcus my three gals gt IG.poor them..nw,this time..they are still in sch having their "draw face" lesson until 9pm while i'm here doing my stuff and and tml they have their style hair lesson until 8pm!! and tat barry!! left me alone to take bus at the opp bus stop !!! (dun kill me ya gals)

Lunching with jas jac and lisa tml!! hope everyone will be able to make it tml=) (miss them) lisa!! u better can make it!! if not i will go your class and kidnap u!!!

had started to plan for the chalet!hope everything goes smoothly=)i will blacklist those who doesn't wanna help me!!! LOL..jkjk. was thinking of having it in aug or dec or nxt year..hmm..shall do some good thinking then.