Tuesday, July 1, 2008

early blog again tml! wanted to do my mask later=)
today computering!big thanks to barry for helping!and naz gotta her help from fadli.viwawa again today after the presentation.LOL.

Yeah!finally,bags are cuming in tml!bt i doubt anyone will be at home to help me receive the post!goto go the earliest singpost to take back=(

trying my best to crap and disturb my mei mei nw!she was trying her best to focus studying on her science.hahaha..take her wallet and take out all her thing!was scolded by her as usual.bt i don't care!!hahaha.daddy eating his dinner nw and was joining with me to disturb her too!!she is damm irriated la!! bt who call her is my sister!!

she started to go crazy nw too!!!singing and talking rubbish!can't stand her!!!!!

she : (singing damm loud)
me : (trying to give her idiot face)
she : (trying to act stupid)
me : bai chi !!
she : you wan me give u two tight SLAP!
me : =( mummy!!!!!