Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Never went eating with them!was sooo sooo afraid after finishing toking to cheryl!yes i know!i going to be dead!! =(..was damm no mood! dun know why! i'm sorry jm!! i know i know! jus kill me k!!(let me live for a longer,until i finish all my wonderful eating can.lol)

Anyway Daddy say he going to pay for my BOOK!! yeah!! $20!!

Have my one month few days "no meal outside" again!!
Well, i found out that i'm a person who have to do thing fast when i have the interest in it!the more it delay the more i will think negative and restless about doing anything!!!
Losing my motivation soon...

meimei :er jie!! i borrow 1 book for u lei!!
SL : thinking (chinese story book)=) hmm..u gt so good meh?!?
meimei: there this books!! - baking book
SL: wah,so good ar!!
meimei:flipping at the book! "you know you know!this lemon/cheese tart and this potato pastry look VERY VERY NICE!!! i want to eat!!
SL to Mummy:KNEW IT!!SEE!! i told u! i knew it! is bcus she want to eat!!!