Thursday, July 3, 2008

really craving for DURIAN!! so give papa a call in sch and tell him i want eat durian!! so,went to get my durian jus now=) went to serangoon garden there 1st to see the special in durian de shop!too ex le!!count in KG one! so off we go to geylang!haha..have lots of "sight seeing"..then finally to our durian shop!! $50!!! papa brought 5 for $10,3 for $20 and 4 for $20 durian!! yummy!!


We brought...

MEL MEL TAN!! SEE!! Durian lei!! LOL...

okok..jus tell me how SL cannot love papa more!! i jus can't communicate well with my mama!! her mindcept of me is jus tat i'm a daughter which like and loves to spend hell lots of her money!!

Communicate with u is just like wasting my time!! argh!!