Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mummy msg today and say Big aunt there have lots lots lots of she went down to...

Get this....

is all bitter so good to Da jie la..only she eat bitter one!!!

Ok..back from durian..i wanted to smash my mirror everytime i look at it!!! pimples pimple and pimplessssss!!!!!!!!!!! gosh!! i know i'm young to have this young pimples la!! LOL..i dun wan!!!going to stop myself from eating any oily food and have more vegetable and fruits instead!!!

I CAN DO IT DE!!!! - I will try my very very best!!so stop showing all oily food ya!!!

My stock is finally on the sky flying to singapore now!!=) pls pls landed safely ya!!! =)

JOKE for the day! - which bring laughter to everyone k! i 牺牲OK!! LOL

SL : Pei Yong you know 新航 in english is call what ma?? cus i want know 苏州 got direct flight to Singapore anot

PY : Thinking hard!! dun know lei..

SL : hmm..wat is it lei..??

so SL decided to ask thazin which is seated opp her..

SL : Thazin!! Do you know Singapore Airline in English??

PY : Hahahahaha..(thinking"SL is crazy")