Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday CHYNG JIE!!!

Finally SL is back at AMK hub!!! as usual,children quarreling and fighting over game and losing of parent.So i was the "game guard" as usual,telling the children that i will off the tv if they dun take turn and helping kids to call their parent as they were lost!!
Many parent and kid is taking the ntuc game section as a free child care/gaming place..age 4 - 10.there are a few number of kid which will report to the game section ard 1pm and go off at ard 6 - 7pm!!damm cool.when is time to find their parent,they will either cry = "customer service counter",or wait for their parent = "customer service counter" to find them -_-!!!
Today the new toys promoter work for 1hr and break for 8hr!!!(brave)

Hope my bags will arrive tml!! if nt i tink it might be send to some wrong address!!
Youth day tml!!bt bt bt poly student still needa go sch=(
I swear i going to take an off soon!! i need to go get some whipped cream!!!