Sunday, July 13, 2008

Intend to have my good slp when i reach home today..But BUT..this happen!!!

Cab home after work at li xin hs there..reach the lift and start to search for my Phone!! GONE!! GOSH!! My Phone is gone!! quickly go back down to 1st floor and hopping the cab is still home!give a call to comfort hotline and at the same time keep calling my PHONE!! and tat stupid idiot hotline was like @##$@#!!! after ringing for 10min finally someone pick up and i say i wan make a lost report,then tat person say will transfer my line to the "lost"deparment!!another 10 min waited..then..
FINALLY!! someone ans my PHONE!!! i almost cry la!! was a couple who pick up my phone!!THANKS THANKS LOTS!!take down their address and ask papa to drive me go take!!!

was told tat they have once pick up a phone too and they give it to the taxi driver and they say the taxi driver somehow nv give it back to the owner!so this time,they keep it themselves and return to me!!BIG BIG THANKS!! was damm scare..i have soooo many photos inside my phone and contact no too!!!

: Li xin who help me go down and look for my phone=)
: Xy and Lx cum eat dinner with me=)

and and thanks ya to u this ASS!! my mei mei!! who say a big "NO" when i ask her to lend me her phone as i need to go collect mine!!

and not to forget..SL found her SPEC!!!~woot~~