Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm soooo NOT sorry to say u are just a "B" and a "F" ass!!damm!! 4 Friday !!! argh!!!nvm..I must 忍!!

Take cab with faci!! not werid at all!! cus is SL lei..i will not let the talks die off..hahaha..squeeze out all the things i can tink of!!hahaha...went to gloria sch..then pick up her own car and drive to go fetch her daughter!! damm damm CUTE la!!! hahaha...she doesn't want to take photo!!! with her abt her barbie dolls..and she keep on telling gloria that she drink two bottle of water today!!such a good gal!! LOL.

- was actually afraid of seeing her daughter after gloria told me abt the "ugly and handsome thing!!! - LOL.

Drop off at hougang to meet Seemun.tell her some of the details =) dun worry,will be ok de..LOL..mus have faith in yrself!!so start keep yrself in the best!!
Luvy!!! the stuff have been send out le!!woot~~ hahaha..hope it can successful landed in my house!!!