Monday, July 28, 2008

Never attend sch today!! Devil win in the end!! was at my house doing the photo and the fruit taker pei yong brought fruits for us!!! then off we go to bugis to meet barry and sc for makan then to get my book!
Was damm busy lately!hope can finish up my things soon!! Should i quit?!?! hai!! wat a trouble man!! money money!!is all bcus of money!! i got no time!! and and i jus rmb that i got to work on this fri!!which is equal to He Jun b'dae i can't go..omy!!

Luvy!! i have decide! the photos!LOL.i will wait for u to do.cus i reali can't decide on which photo to use!! =)

Cake blog was happily rotting there for one month plus le!!! i'm sooo sorry!!haha.i will go and clear the dust soon ya!!

AJM!!! - i was real busy ok!u damm ass!! =) we will meet up soon de!! i starting holiday soon=)

been trying to give in lately and i dun feel happy at all!!! or was it bcus i jus can't decide and stand firmly on my decision!!

-can i not go tml?!?!?.(dream on then)