Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally!! SL meet dao Seemun le!!thanks for the present=)meaningful letter!!!

ps:rmb wat i say!there are some friend which SL will try her best not to lose them! you will always be ONE OF THEM!!!angry,embarassed,fun,sch,family,friends!! i jus can't stop toking to her!!!talks!from earth to sky!the times..after band..joel,me and her..our captain cook!!! =)=)

Dinner at new york new york,after that as usual went to emicake for my DURIAN puff!! walk and talk all the way from kovan to our time for SL to jian fei!!i know i know!!LOL..hope will be able to meet up joel this fri!! if nt i try to take off on weekend then=)

Seemun burger!!

SL roasted chicken spag.




however,there are also some friend which SL will not hold back once they step out MY line which call FRIENDSHIP!!!