Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Question tag by Xinyi

Do you have wide groups of friends? Yes

If you’re in trouble, will your friends ‘fly’ over to help you immediately?Some

Will you sacrifice your most precious thing for your friends? Depend on what friends.

Do you believe in Best friends, BFFs , or that everyone’s equal? No

Do you think that a straight & a woman can just be a platonic friends? ???

Do you have a male friend that you can trust with almost everything?Not really

Do you think that friends should tell each other everything? No,even best friend also have secret

If your friends are in trouble, what will you do? Try my best to help them

In future, if your friends get married and ask you to be their best men/bridesmaid, will you
agree? Of cus,provided i can wear into those nice nice clothes!! LOL

What if your enemy calls you one day to make peace? I will say ok,but they will be my hi-bye friend

What will you do to a friend whom you trust deeply, betrayed you? I will cry,angry,then..i dun know wat i will do

If your friend snatch away your boyfriend, will you still be a friend or hate him/her completely? hi-bye friend

What if there is a boy/girl that have liked your friend for quite some time, tells you that he/she needs your help to win the heart of your friend, will you help him/her? Yes!!!

Do your parents think that your friends are a bad influence?last time, Some=( (tat y we quarrel)

What will you tell your parents if they asked you to transfer school, which means losing all your closest friends? I will shout and cry and shout and cry until they cannot tolerate me!!

If your friend organize a once in a life time party, but your family doesn’t allow you to go? This won't happen=)

How will you describe your friendship relationship with your friends? Normal,good,lovely ?fake?

Define friendship. - hmm...friendship to me is enjoy laughter,problem,fun things tgt.know where the limit for each other.

Name 20 people whom you can think right now.

5.Li xin
6.Jia Min
10.Zi Xin

17.Kim Wee

- still no place le!! LOL -

How did you meet no. 4?
Her house.

What will you do if you never meet no. 1?
I will ask my parent for help!! LOL.whahahaha

What if no. 9 & no. 20 dated?
Very de impossible!!!

Will no. 6 & no. 17 date?

hahaha..if they wan?!?!? LOL

Describe no. 3.

kind,friendly,no harm,kind and kind! She jus damm kind n good=)

Do you know any of no.12’s family?

See before...

What will you do if no.18 confess to you that he / she likes you?

whahahaha..i will know tat he and alex is up to sth not good!!!LOL

15 speaks?

Monkey language.opps.ahahaha

How old is no.16?

17 going 18 soon

When is the last time you spoke to no.13?

1 sec before..she is beside me nw=)

Who is no.2 favorite band or singer?

Wang lee hom and 5566/Mayday

Would you ever date no. 10?

Of cus!!!

Would you ever date no. 1?

Of cus!!

Is no. 19 single?


Would you ever be in a relationship with no.11?

hahaha..we are nw!! husband and wife=)

School of no. 14?


Where does no. 6 live?


What is your favourite thing about no.5?

Good listener and toker!!!

Have you seen no. 7 naked?


What is no. 8’s nickname?

MEL MEL Tan,Pig,Melisua,Malisa,Xiao bi er(use to) too many le!! LOL