Monday, July 21, 2008

Was tossing and tossing in my bed until 8.40am then decided to get up and go sch!! was damm damm slpy!! and and today is SCIENCE i wish wish wish i can pon!!!!

After school went NTUC with da jie to get many Fruits!! i'm dying soon if i continue eating durian!! gosh!!feeling quite yucky soon le!!so my house now have STRAWBERRY,KIWI,DRANGON FRUIT,PEACH,GRAPEFRUIT,LEMON!!! instead of DURIAN!! to eat some healthy fruits instead!!!

Computering tml!! argh!!! i dun wan dun wan!! bt gt UT,so i will drag drag drag myself to sch tml!!! and my tat stupid meimei is damm upset abt later channel U 10pm show!!bcus...SKY is going to confess to YI DA LI !!!! LOL

was abit pisses off by the online shop ya!! i doubt they have send my item out yet!!i going to screw them tml!!! (i tink they aso being piss of by me asking so many qn!!) =)

Found this poster in my lift!!

The nxt day..this happen..haii...damm inconsiderate!!!