Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Naughty Gal SL today!!
woot~~~woke up late,and was tinking whether to go sch anot.drag myself out of the sch! wanted to get my payment settle today!!so..pon sch!! sry culture faci,even though u have threaten to give us a "F" bt...LOL

Comments for Individual:

Hi Xueli,
There was active contribution of views in the 1st meeting, and you answered questions actively in 2nd meeting.
However, you left after your good performance in the morning. Too bad...
Yuen,luvy,py,barry,keith,brandon,fadli,royce..say byebye to faci!! LOL
off we go to - - - YUKI YAKI!! yummy yummy!! Ice Cream game!! poor barry!!was sabo by us bt yet he dun know!!keep on eating the "yummy" ice cream!! nice rite!! i was the WINNER!!!

The PRO!!!

The "Game" Ice Cream - Disgusting!!!

after went pool..hmm..barry and lousy la!! LOL..rite!!py and luvy!!think we gals aso better than them!

Player 1

Player 2


After that went home and guess wat?!?! - DURIAN!! again!! gosh! i oni eat one then go off le!! feeling quite sick liao..