Saturday, September 13, 2008

went out early in the morning after spamming luvy phone!!LOL..went back to hougang point to get clothes from auntie!yes!finally SL had STOP working le!!! until luvy and the buyer at tampines mall!after tat bus to chinatown..kbox?!?!?suay..i lost to her la!!so end up spenting $17.50!!!bt is still fun!!hmm...LX!!! i finally find someone who spent more money than me le!! LOL..$100plus is what Luvy Sim spent today!!WHAHAHAH...luvy dun blame me!!LOL,cus i gt 1 evil twin friend who like to make me spent $100 over during shopping!! =)
been..craving for duck rice recently,so i have already eat duck rice in 3 days!!!