Friday, September 19, 2008

&^#^&*&^)&)%&$$^%$!!!! i reali can't stand that!!!cheeeeena!!! anymore!!!can anyone b as stupid as them!!!sick man!!!communicate with them reali can cause me to @%$%^*)(^%#!!!!!!!

ytd nite was feeling damm not ok yet i still need to wait for that ass cheena to cmf the payment with me!!!as 3 of my supplier is waiting for the money to send my item out!! and tat gal say that she doesn't have the password to access the banking thing!gt to wait for her manager back and i say ok!!!7pm!!! i online!!!ask her again!!she say her manager is busy and ask me to wait for awhile i say ok..and told her to give me a msg even if her manager cannot make the payment by that night,so that i will be able to inform my supplier!!!and she say OK!!i went to take a nap in between as i seriously not well and i even run out again and again to see whether there any reply!!!until 9pm!!!i scare that my supplier wil be offline soon so i decide to go ask her again whether the payment is made already..and and..what i saw is..she is OFFLINE!!!!WTH!!!i wait for her for 2hrs for the ans and she dare to go OFFLINE WITHOUT INFORMING ME!!!!

so i start to complain my thing to fel...luvy and my sis..thanks to them to make me able to sleep...

Then morning came!!!i finally saw her manager online and i decide to complain to him!!!bt what he do is to say sorry and pass me back to the cheneeena gal!!!and then all stupid excuse is out!!and then only until afternoon the manager finally help me to make payment!!bt only 2 are success!!!and i really don't know wth the person is trying to say!!!he say that the payment can't go through as the account no is wrng!!which is like IMMPOSSIBLE?!?!?!(which my other suppliers told me)

and in the 1st place i already tell him that if he go down to the bank,he will sure be able to bank in and he tell me he will rush down to the bank i wait wait wait from 12plus until 4plus when my school going to end and i gt to go offline le..i msn him again!!he say still cnnt!!i ask whether did he go bank,he reply : manager had gone out!! which mean he is not the manager himself i speaking to la!!!DAMM!! and then he say they gt to wait until at night then transfer again!!i was puzzle la!!how cum he can't transfer the money in the afternoon bt until at nite he will able to transfer the money with the same account?!?!?!?(when in the 1st place he say the account no is NOT CORRECT!!!

and now!!which is 8pm!!! i msn again!!he say he done the payment ALL in the afternoon!!!kill me pls!!! rmb wat he told me!!!he say one of it can't be transfer in the afternoon!!!bt my supplier say he never receive it!!!and what the ass told me!!!he say he mess up with all the payment!!which mean example:he was to transfer 300 to A,bt he transfer 800 to A,he was to transfer 400 to B,bt he transfer 320 to B,he was to transfer 400 to C,bt he transfer 450 to now he is asking me to help him get his money back which is quite alot...welll...WAN TO KNOW HOW I PLAY HIM BACK?!?!...ans will be post tml....=)