Thursday, September 18, 2008

stress stress stress!!! ytd night was in bed!!! suddenly i rmb!! i never do my RJ and evaluation on TUE!!! and and what worst was i was late on tue and then i nv do RJ!!! i reali dun know i go school for what on that day!!!! stupid RP system!!!

and my online thingy!! is making me real real CRAZY!!!bt then..big thanks to my saver!!! i will forgive u since this is the 1st time you are doing this transaction!!! and up to now she still haven make the payment for me yet!! and worst still,i feeling so sick now and wanted to slp!!bt everything is not DONE!!! the payment not make and RJ(reali dun know what to type)!!!!

what good is class are getting more fun and noisy=)