Friday, September 26, 2008

Wake up at 1pm today!!!still slpy..Everyone was saying there was a heavy heavy rain today in the morning with loud thuderstorm!!bt i jus couldn't rmb there any rain!!!LOL..was damm too tired!!stay home and wait for jie to get me lunch!have some 3 sisters stupid chat!!!meimei was like..hmm...damm childish,kiddy,children la!!totally can't imagine she is a going 16 year old person!!!keep asking jie to get her present!!while she jus pay $5 for da jie present!!LOL

After that went out with mama in the late afternoon to do groceries shopping!!dinner at KFC!So bad thing happen at near the SengSiong.A 2 years old kid was missing.Saw the mother asking around whether anyone saw a 2 year old kid.Then 15min later..police appear!!!haii...she sure have put her child alone while doing groceries shopping then.