Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ok..soooo that ass cheena now have ard 500rmb with me(sort of) which will only be return to him on MONDAY!! well.well...u treat people how you want people to treat u izzt it!!!SO!! u let me suffer for 3 days!!!i let u suffer for 1 day then!since yr amount is larger than mine!!! let u have the same feeling of how i feel when your money is at people hand and the person just refuse to co -operate well with u!!! u damm damm assssss!!!!!

Done some chocolate tart yesterday!! bt was not a success!!wrong flour use..=( will try again then!!

When for baking class today..fewer people attend..which is good la!!! i finally know how to do the tiger rolling =)everyday school was like??? to say?!?!?! sit there and just stare at my com then asking ppt from friend..not much contribution and learning..some faci was damm damm ass while some are good!!! reali RP is just like a private school (as in standard la) the only thing that is different is that it is under government bt private is not... and my class from starting until now..there like no full class for at least 1 day yet..