Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Semester with a New Class and New Classmates!!! (W47K)

No slping for SL ytd.I was damm wide awake for the whole night!YES!WHOLE night!and i just get out of my bed at 6 plus with my eyes open not able to shut and go to the dreamland since 11pm-_-!!! don't know is bcus ytd SL have the whole room by herself(jie and mei was not home) or izzt bcus too nervous of today New Class!! LOL

anyway,class was quite alright.was to the previous class la.cus this time there are lesser guys and those guys are like so quiet!! hope only the beinging!!! i jus feel odd not able to talk LOUD!!!LOL.lunch with the gals and barry then home with the guys and gals(E36B)

Going to end sch...

Luvy - later still gt ig meeting until 6pm =(

SL - who call you wan join to be leader

Luvy - I send u sth(ans why she wan be leader)

SL - what?!? want send me porn izzt!!LOL don't make me tio virus hor!!

and she send me this :

Luvy Szx
Republic Polytechnic
School of Engineering

Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Vice President (Publication) of In Vogue IG
Email: ------------------

What make me want to let her die tonight is bcus she send me these:

Required Achieved Penalty Points Final Achieved (after penalty)
Status 2. Active Points (DA + NDA) 30 20 0 20
Not Fulfilled (Short of 10)
3. Diploma Related Points (DA + DP) 10 2 0 2 Not Fulfilled (Short of 8)
1. Total Points (DA + NDA + DP + NDP) 40 23 0 23 Not Fulfilled (Short of 17)