Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wake up early in the morning,packed my things and then bus to hougang mall.. saw anqi and sharon at the mall then we 3 went to ntuc to buy some snack and water.
Many have reach at the Mrt station le..train down to harbour front. Split into two group to eat at diferent place.

Reach sentosa and then some start sun tanning and down to sea for "water splashing". Games like monkey,not successful volleyball and my team lose for captain ball!!
After that was sky ridding..sit with jm and li xin..the drink and ice cream are not for singaporean to buy..cus..cus one ice cream is $2.50 and one bottle of drink is $2..tat crazzy..tink oni those tourist would buy without heart pain.

way back.taking photo along.dinner at cup of ice lemon tea for me..feel like vommiting and floating at the same time..LOL..did some good deed with kim wee on the mrt (we are goods boy and gal)


The Organisers!!

can u see the red circle...LOL